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ATTENTION! We are pleased to announce that we are now stocking 10 guage blanks for your signal and saluting cannon. These produce copious amounts of white smoke and are very loud. These are designed to work perfectly with your Winchester and other 10 guage cannons.


Signal cannon with ammo crate

Authentic Signal Cannons for Sale!

Whether you are putting on a historical event or want to simply enjoy the decorative charm of a authentic signal cannon in the home, we have just what you need. Patriot Cannons produces heirloom-quality signal and saluting cannons for collection, display, celebrations and reenactments. Beautifully designed with a particular attention to every detail, our signal cannons are products you will be able to pass down from one generation to the next with pride. We proudly make all our custom products in Maine, and our team of artisans are renowned for their skills. 

Utilizing the best in New England craftsmanship, our philosophy is to build every signal cannon we make to only one standard. Something we would own ourselves. Something we would pass down from one generation to the next. Durability and beauty go hand in hand, and you will never receive a product that doesn’t reflect that. 

Not only are our signal cannons for sale beautiful to look at, but they are also fully functional. We offer a series of blank firing cannons to lend an authentic touch to your event. With a Patriot Cannon, you can make any event one for everyone to remember.

Patriot Cannons.

Our Business Is Booming!



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