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Repairs and Restorations

We offer repairs and restorations to your prized cannon. Whether it is a simple clean up and polish, minor repairs, major reconstruction or a new carriage. we can meet your needs. Please contact us to discuss your project. We welcome the opportunity to bring your cannon back to its former glory.

White oak Marsilly carriage
Custom Marsilly carriage
Marsilly carriage in white oak
Custom Marsilly naval carriage

This is a WW2 vintage muzzle loading cannon brought to us for a major cleanup and new carriage. It was made by the current owners grandfather while he worked at a foundry in Boston, MA during the war. The barrel was heavily rusted and the cradle broken. We sandblasted and epoxy painted the barrel. a new carriage was createdfrom white oak with Mahogany wheels. The axle is made from solid brass. The irons holding the barrel to the carriage were fabricated in house. We also supplied a set of tools to load and clean the barrel. The carriage is based on a design used in the Civil War called a Marsilly carriage.

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