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By Patriot Cannons

A traditional early 19th century alarm cannon often used by landowners to alert them when poachers were hunting on their property. In World War 1 the French and allied armies used them as trench alarms to alert them to raiding parties. Chambered for a 12 gauge black powder blank cartridge.


  • OD green replica ammunition crate

  • Customized engraving, plaques, wood burning etc are available. We welcome your ideas. Please inquire.

  • Length: 9 in.

  • Weight: 5 lbs.

  • Fires a 12 gauge blank black powder cartridge only

  • Color may vary slightly

  • Cast in solid high strength bronze

  • Lanyard/ hammer fired for your safety

  • A historically accurate reproduction

  • Includes the cannon, box, lanyard, ear protection and ram rod and five 12 gauge rounds.

  • Rail and winch mounting options are also available. Please inquire.

  • Note: This is not designed to fire a projectile. For blank cartridges only.

    Due to local restrictions we cannot ship to Washington, District of Columbia.; CA; HI; Chicago, IL; MA; MI; NJ; New York City, NY; Canada and Puerto Rico.

This item is made to order. We will advise you on the current lead times. Typically 1 - 2 weeks.

Bronze Depose WW 1 Trench Alarm Cannon w/ ammuniton crate

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